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chiara zanisi

Violin Player

Notes upon Me

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I could tell you about my passion for food and good wine, cooking, meeting people, running very early in the morning, beautiful photos and movies, spending time with my fabulous children, taking easy lot of travelling for concerts, but here I will only trust you that my favourite thing is playing Chamber and Violin Solo Music and overall if it comes from J.S.Bach.

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new release

The Lady from the Sea - Duos for Violin and Cello from Vivaldi to Sollima

Outhere Music /Arcana - Feb 2020

Discover the album:

I’m a Violin Player specialized in Ancient Music on original instruments.


I played all over the world (all around Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China, Russia) in the most famous Concert Hall as a soloist and chamber musician with several Ensembles like the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (Ton Koopman), Il Giardino Armonico (Giovanni Antonini), La Risonanza (Fabio Bonizzoni), Il Pomo d’Oro, La Divina Armonia (Lorenzo Ghielmi), Il Canto di Orfeo (Gianluca Capuano), I Barocchisti (Diego Fasolis), Les Musiciens Du Prince (Gianluca Capuano & Cecilia Bartoli) and many others.


I was born in Milan, where I graduated in Violin at the Conservatorio G.Verdi and then I completed my musical growth studying and playing with C.Rossi, F.Cusano, A.Meunier, P.Farulli, G.Gelmetti, C.M.Giulini, E.Inbal, G.Sinopoli.

I attended a three year Violin Master Degree with Carlo Chiarappa in Lugano HochSchule.

Then I studyed in the most important European Academies of Ancient Music. I learned a lot playing as first violin in the European Union Baroque Orchestra (E.U.B.O.) under the conduction of R. Goodman, P. Goodwin and L. U. Mortensen.


After my long research between Modern and Baroque Violin, I think I found “my own” Violin which took something from both sides and overall expresses my personal idea of deep, warm, speaking and alive sound which, in my opinion, is needed in every kind of repertoire.

After "Vive la Dance", a course about baroque music and dance I gave together with Letizia Dradi, in 2019 I'm teaching "The use of Baroque bow" in Conservatorio di Como.


I recorded a hundred CDs for BBC, Deutsche Radio, Naxos, Dinamics, Virgin Classic, Frame, Amadeus, Ambroisie, Emi, RTSI, Chandos, La Bottega Discantica, CPO, Divox, Sony, Naive, Passacaille, Alphà, Arcana.

In february 2017 my new recording of J.S.Bach Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin BWV 1014-1019 will be released by the Label Outhere Music/Arcana.


After "Suite Case - Violin Duos from Vivaldi to Sollima" (Chiara Zanisi & Stefano Barneschi, released on march 2018) Another important recording signed by the label Outhere Music/Arcana, "The Lady from the Sea - duos for violin and cello from Vivaldi to Sollima - Giovanni Sollima & Chiara Zanisi sailing on Lady Lauren" will release in autumn 2019.


I play a 1761 Joseph Gagliano Violin.

Released by Arcana/OuthereMusic 2018

Released by Arcana/Outhere Music 2017

Gramophone entusiastically reviews our Bach Cd, April 2017:

"......This is indeed very beautiful, too. Their starting point has been the belief that Bach’s music has both an aura of magic and an almost divine form, and the translation of that into performance has yielded warmly fluid readings, and a clear-toned sound from Zanisi (on a 1761 Gagliano) that carries a beguiling twin quality of strength and etherealness. Her technique and shaping are equally lovely; elegant ornamentations, perfectly judged ebb and swell to sustained notes, and faster passagework sounding so at ease that its true complexity often washes over you.

... the opening movement of No 5. Here, Nuti’s gently sombre reading really is given the space to shine, and not simply because of the violin’s husky mute and Zanisi’s sensitive duetting...."





Milan, Italy



Ancient Music on original instrument





Photo @Barbara Stella 2016 - @Francesco Colletti 2018/2020 - @ Guido Chiarappa2018 - @ Paolo Locatelli 2018

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